Yafa PMS

Welcome to Yafa PMS, the ultimate solution for modern pharmacies. Our comprehensive software is designed to simplify and streamline the operations of your pharmacy, empowering you to manage inventory, sales, purchasing, accounting, and more with ease.

With our user-friendly interface and powerful features, Yafa PMS is the go-to choice for pharmacists looking to enhance efficiency and take their management to the next level. Experience the difference and unlock the full potential of your pharmacy with Yafa PMS.

Yafa PMS Club Management System

One-Stop Shop

A comprehensive solution that integrates inventory management, sales, purchasing, accounting, and more in a single platform.

All Sizes

Yafa PMS is designed to suit pharmacies of all sizes, from small independent stores to large chain pharmacies.

Grows with you

Yafa PMS can easily accommodate the expanding requirements of pharmacies as they grow and expand their operations.

All-in-One Pharmacy Management System

Wide range of features and functionalities to effectively manage various aspects of any pharmacy.

Yafa Pharmacy Management System - Medicine Directory

Medicine Directory

Instantly access a comprehensive database of medications, including details like commercial names, active ingredients, and alternatives.

Yafa Pharmacy Management System - Cosmetics Products

Cosmetics Products

Simplify management of cosmetic products with a specialized directory that provides essential information for effective inventory control.

Yafa Pharmacy Management System - Point Of Sale - POS

Point Of Sale - POS

Enhance customer experience with a user-friendly POS module for fast, accurate transactions and seamless payment processing.

Yafa Pharmacy Management System - Manager Mobile App

Manager Mobile App

Stay connected and manage pharmacy operations on the go with a mobile app that provides access to reports and alerts.

Yafa Pharmacy Management System - Manager Dashboard

Manager Dashboard

Gain real-time insights into sales, inventory, and finances through an intuitive dashboard for informed decision-making.

Yafa Pharmacy Management System - Purchasing Management

Purchasing Management

Streamline the procurement process by defining suppliers, setting re-order thresholds, and generating automatic purchase orders.

Yafa Pharmacy Management System - Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Maintain accurate stock levels, track expiry dates, and differentiate between purchased and consignment items for efficient inventory management.

Yafa Pharmacy Management System - Accounting Management

Accounting Management

Enjoy a built-in accounting system designed specifically for pharmacies, including chart of accounts and comprehensive financial reports.

Yafa Pharmacy Management System - Multi Branch

Multi Branch

Seamlessly oversee multiple pharmacy branches from a centralized system, enabling centralized accounting, purchasing, and full control from the head office.

Yafa Pharmacy Management System - On Cloud

On Cloud

Manage your pharmacy anytime, anywhere with Yafa PMS's cloud-based system. Enjoy real-time data access, secure storage, and effortless scalability for enhanced efficiency and convenience.

Yafa Pharmacy Management System Web Based

Web Based

Conveniently manage your business with a web-based back-office and control panel accessible to managers, owners, and head office employees.

Yafa Pharmacy Management System

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